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A Few Good News Stories That We Need Right About Now

Good news helps us to balance out all the bad we are hearing these days. With many of us staring at the same walls tenfold more than usual with the ongoing pandemic, why not put some pizzazz into our brains to throw off the negativity tailing our scent. I scoured the internet to find some of the most uplifting stories I could find, and to my surprise, it wasn’t too hard to find many of them. Here are just a few of many! Kick back, relax, and enjoy some goodness.

A Rescue On His First Day

In early August, Max reported for duty on his first day of being a K-9 rescue. His job was to find a missing mother and her 1 year-old child who had not been seen for two days in Powys, Wales. Once the mother’s car had been spotted near a mountain road, Max went to work and located her and the child near a steep ravine. Mom and baby were checked out at the hospital and other than being cold on the mountainside, they both recovered with no injuries. Max became a K-9 hero his very first day on the job! Just one more reason to love dogs. (

Double Amputee Army Veteran Scales the Matterhorn

Can you imagine being a double amputee and scaling a mountain? A former soldier from the U.K. did just that! Neil Heritage reached Switzerland’s Matterhorn peak on his third attempt in three years. He was determined and tried each year until he got there. He is the first above the knee double amputee to complete this feat. In 2004, Neil lost both of his legs from an attack by a suicide bomber in Iraq. After his recovery, he set his mind on amazing accomplishments including skiing, completing triathlons, and joining a team to row across the Atlantic Ocean. During the ascent, and very near the summit, Neil’s co-climber, and friend, Mark Hooks shared that Neil lost one of his prosthetic limbs of which took more than 20 minutes to reattach. It may have slowed them down a smidge, but it definitely did not stop them. If Neil’s story doesn’t motivate us, I don’t know what will! (

Commercial Whaling Comes to a Halt in Iceland

There are a few reasons whaling is coming to an end in Iceland. One being due to the COVID-19 pandemic, which requires social distancing on the vessels. The crew having to process the whales and the environment the crew work in is not conducive to being able to keep a distance from one another. Another reason is the demand from Japan has plummeted. Japan was the #1 country Iceland would export whale meat to, and now Japan no longer hunts in the Antarctic and withdrew from the International Whaling Commission. Currently, Japan whaling companies hunt closer to home in their own marine territory (to the concern and dismay of whale activists). In this article in National Geographic it is stated that: The decision was more likely because consumption of whale meat in Japan has been falling for years. Per capita, the Japanese now eat only about an ounce a year, and as a consequence, approximately 4,000 tons of unsold whale meat is stored in a growing stockpile. Lastly, the support for whale hunting has significantly fallen, while the profit from whale watching has been on a trending incline. It appears far more people would like to observe the beauty and majestic aura of whales than have them be hunted. (

France Sees That Fathers Are Crucial In Being There For Their Babies

France recently doubled the paid paternity leave for new fathers to 28 days.“When a baby arrives in the world, there is no reason it should be just the mother who takes care of it,” President Emmanuel Macron said while announcing the change. Researchers in Europe have continued to document the positive effects of paternity leave on fathers, their significant others, and their children. Three positives they’ve cited are fathers are more engaged in parenting, divide the household chores, and their female partners are less likely to need anti-anxiety prescriptions. This longer leave also applies to same-sex couples. This is very positive news, and shockingly, France will still fall behind countries like Portugal who offer dads 5 weeks off and Finland who offers 9 weeks. In fact, in February, Finland announced that next year, paternity leave will be increased to 7 months to match the maternity leave. (

Chimpanzees Are Endangered-3 Million Trees Being Planted To Help

One Tree Planted and the Jane Goodall Institute got together and announced they are working on “Wildlife Habitat & Corridor Restoration Project” in Uganda. From 2020–2023, native trees will be planted in the Albertine Rift. This area is critical for many species, especially chimpanzees. It also houses over 50% of birds, 39% of mammals, 19% of amphibians, and 14% of reptiles and plants of mainland Africa. Uganda’s forests have endured many threats including logging, fire, and small-scale agriculture, the goal here is to replant and have at least 60% of the new forest last. Jane Goodall would be so happy to hear this wonderful news. (

Mom Raises Money For Hero Who Saved Her Daughter

Samantha Whiting from Texas was enjoying a beach day with her 10 year old daughter when a strong rip current almost took her daughter’s life. After she told her daughter to come closer while they were swimming, to her horror, she saw a look of shock on her daughter Hayley’s face as she realized she was unable to swim closer and get out of the water. Kevin Cozzi, was nearby and heard Samantha and her daughter struggling. Cozzi entered the water and pulled Hayley off of her mother and to shore where lifeguards were able to assist further.

Samantha says, “He saved us, if it wasn’t for him coming to grab her off of me, there’s no way that we both would’ve made it.”

Following the incident, she had only been given his last name. Samantha had wanted to find and thank him and decided to post about her search for him on a Facebook group called Merced Neighborhood Watch. She eventually was connected to Cozzi through this page, and learned he was trying to save money for his wedding that had been cancelled due to Covid.

Upon hearing this, Samantha decided to create a Go Fund Me for Kevin and his fiancée so they can eventually have their wedding. The Go Fund Me page is called “A Hero Named Kevin” and when the news story was originally posted back on October 30th, the page had raised $2,000. As of today, December 5th, amazingly, donations have reached $63,049 of the $100,000 goal. Hayley and her mother, Samantha, must feel so good being able to give back in such a huge way to their real life hero. If you also would like to contribute to Kevin’s Go Fund Me, you can go to this link here. (

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