Let’s Change The Divisiveness Surrounding Vaccination In America

Amber French
15 min readSep 16, 2021
Photo by Michael Aleo on Unsplash

It’s in your newsfeed on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, on the news media, on T.V., billboards, radio, flyers, in countless headlines daily, and on buses. Today it was even announced over a speaker at my grocery store. In 2021, in America, you cannot get through one 24 hour period without being inundated with vaccination messaging. What’s peculiar, and what’s given me frightened pause, is the messaging is overwhelmingly one-sided. I can’t recall another time in all my years where a message of persuasion had permeated so many forms of media.

When messaging is so overwhelmingly in your face, one would think many questions would arise from all who are taking it in. It is also logical to think that headlines would change and include updated information as evolving discoveries and new global studies become available. However, what’s strange, is that’s not what’s transpiring. That narrative is staying the same instead of updating itself with new insights. What’s more eye-opening is it has recently taken a darker and stunning turn given the sudden mandate for businesses from our President.

Perhaps people fundamentally want to believe and trust that this massive push from our government and news media is all for the greater good. In fact, many will and have gone forward with their decisions - putting precious trust in the institutions that are far removed from us personally.

Experts in every medical field are confirming Covid vaccinations are safe- so why should anyone doubt? The narrative we see daily is: If an expert is telling us it’s safe-it must be. All who had doubted turned to their local or national expert doctor, CDC representative on T.V., or WHO spokesperson who confirmed that this is all entirely safe. People were comfortable getting that confirmation from those various channels and went forward with their choice to get the jab.

Let’s think about this for just a second. How could the experts possibly know for sure that this vaccine is safe? This is a first time concoction of these particular materials being used in this shot. Additionally, this vaccine initiative is what the government named “Operation Warp Speed”. Hold up. So a first ever, never before used type of vaccine was created and then was sped through the research process…

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