The fact that you say people who are unvaxxed "uneducated" is entirely divisive. Here in the US, half of America isn't vaxxed and there are many good reasons. It doesn't mean they think covid isn't real, maybe some outliers believe that, but I don't think that's how most see it. Think about these reasons for a moment, try your best to see it from another point of view: 1.) The average vaccine takes 10-12 years to develop and test...this took...1 year? One could argue allowing something to go into your body with such a truncated research period seems uneducated, but with mounting social pressure maybe people felt forced and took a leap of faith with the vaccine. 2.) My husband is a doctor and he is beginning to see patients who are complaining of things after they received the vaccine ( permanent tinnitus, paralysis in the arm they received the jab, loss of hand function) these are only a handful in a how many others might there be? 3.) We all want covid to go away, we don't want people to die- the myth that is being pumped over the news and on social media is that you are a villain if you're unvaxxed and you must want these things. Not even close to being true. How about let's make sure we all aren't causing ourselves neurological damage over a disease that is still newish and trying to be understood, and that has a survival rate btwn 97-99.5% ( source WebMD). ( Check out VAERS also). Why don't we focus on the elderly and those who are compromised and go from there, brainstorm, focus efforts to keep them safe- instead of rushing something that could cause many young, healthy people serious side effects. 4.) Some of us have auto immune illnesses, the vax is just starting to be in clinical trials to see how it effects a body already set up to attack itself. I think I will wait to see if it's safe. 5.) Many people who have not been vaxxed are not anti- vaxxers, sure there are some, but of those I know and from research I've done, they've had covid and their natural immunity is much stronger than the vaccine. A study that recently came out of Israel says you are 13 times more likely to get covid if you've been vaccinated than if your body has the T cells you've developed from having it fight it off. 6.) I had pericarditis on Christmas last year and was in bed for 22 days. I tested negative for covid and the antibodies didn't come back in blood work. They told me a virus like flu or covid causes that. It was excruciating pain in the heart. This is the side effect young boys and some girls are getting from the vaccine ( source CDC). It can linger for months or years. Bottom line ...there needs to be more research. Let's not villify people who are hesitant and want more info. I get everyone wants to get back to normal and we all want safety for our lived ones...but at what cost? Making healthy ppl suffer from a rushed vaccine? People can still be my friend and sit at the table with me vaxxed or not. I won't discriminate. I respect that it's a personal choice and that someone's fear of covid doesn't trump someone else's fear of the vaccine. I refuse to put people into a box. Please consider the things I've mentioned and have an open mind.

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