Why It’s Important to Lift Each Other Up

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In the last six months I’ve written two stories about interesting and persevering women who deserve to have their stories told. These stories were submitted to an informative and thought provoking site called GirlTalkHQ for their Wonder Women series. The Wonder Women series was a call to writers to share stories about women who inspire us, have overcome adversity, and can teach us a thing or two based on their personal experiences. When I first saw the writing prompt Calling All Wonder Women, I couldn’t wait to get to work on these stories.

Realizing that I had more than a few inspirational people to write about opened up a feeling of richness within. The reality that I have come to know a plural amount of people in this lifetime that have shared their utter losses, their wins, and their trek through the thick brambles that have blocked their way is not lost on me. This is a gift from life when you realize you’ve been graced with knowing interesting, complex, and loving humans . You can read my story about Shira, a founding member of the ENOUGH gun safety campaign here as well as my second submission about a family member, Cara*, who is a former SVU detective and domestic abuse survivor here.

Lifting another person up is what this world needs more of. People’s stories need to be heard-and the real life stories don’t always have happy endings. Often times people want a story wrapped up perfectly with glittery paper and a bright satin bow.This is not reality. Life can be so incredibly beautiful at times and it can also be tragically awful. One thing I do know is Orange is the New Black nailed it with the line: everything is temporary.

As a mother, it’s important to me to raise my boys to cheer one another on. Think about when you really want to win, earn, or perform at something, and then insert someone on the sidelines that you care about showing up and shouting your name. Whether that be in the physical sense or in the digital sense, having a person “be there” is huge. That positive energy nourishes us to go the extra mile, to go faster, or to some who are seriously struggling -to simply wake up each day and keep going.

Kudos to publications like GirlTalkHQ and other blog outlets that open up the writing channels to topics like these. I’d love to see a prompt about the amazing dads out there that are killin’ it too. With social media in the mix, suicide on the rise, and depression/anxiety off the charts, it is so dire that we as a society continue to build one another up and be there for each other.

Learning & unlearning on this parenthood journey. Do-er, mom, kitchen dancer. Always listen to the storytellers.

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